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Canon Pixma TR4527 Drivers Download

Canon Pixma TR4527 Drivers Download

Canon Pixma TR4527 Drivers Download

IJ Canon Pixma TR4527 Setup– The Pixma TR4527 is a sufficiently powerful printer if you are more concerned with size than overall performance. It has a very small footprint and a good print quality, but I can’t fall in love with it.

Canon is clearly aware of the fact that it is noisy because it is deeply embedded in the application of settings (accessible only on your computer and not on the printer itself) is a way to enable silent mode. This mode is less acceptable and does not significantly slow down the print speed (already very slow). So I’m not sure why this mode is not the default mode.

This brings me to the second problem: speed. It only takes a minute to print a duplex page, even in lower-quality modes. Printing large color documents takes a long time. I don’t know at all where Canon gets a claim of about 4.4 color pages per minute. The intensive use of the printer (silent mode and silent mode with different quality settings) has never approached this fact. The black print was between four and five pages per minute, or roughly half of Canon’s claims.

I like a compact printer that delivers decent scanning capabilities (including document feed) and a fax (although I can’t remember the last time I faxed anyone). The Canon commands are installed on your computer.

Putting the printer on our WiFi network was super simple and intuitive. And, the printer offers AirPrint, so it’s from your iPhone, which I love.

The paper tray folds from the printer and contains about fifty sheets. However, you cannot fold it with the paper it contains. This means that you can either have the front folded and the printer is nice and compact, or you can leave the paper in the tray so that it can print at any time, but the printer takes up more space (about six extra inches). It’s a huge black beast: I want paper in the printer all the time, but I don’t want a big pot on my desk.


It is a good printer if you are looking for something compact and full of features. The print quality is good, but it’s very slow. And, if you intend to keep the paper all the time, it’s not really compact on the market now, and it’s hard to sell printer hardware and make profits. Ink or cartridges, printer prices drop or remain relatively stable while functionality improves. I have a Pixma printer that I bought about eight years ago and that remains my favorite printer, it never missed me, it’s not a paper jam, and it just doesn’t work as long as I feed it with authentic ink cartridges ( I learned years ago that remanufactured cartridges or third-party brands were not worth the risk because I had two printers, since then I’ve only got OEM cartridges. My favorite Pixma is a typical multifunction device, offering a superb scanning, printing and performance. (This does not make a fax, but I have not used a fax for years.) It may not be the best printer on the market, nor the fastest, but I have full confidence in it.

Spending more and more time in another city for work, I rented an apartment and set up an office in a room. I needed the usual desktop hardware (large screen, keyboard and mouse, USB hubs, etc.), including an all-in-one printer. While I was looking at the local office equipment companies, I was constantly coming back to Pixmas based on my past experience with them and ended up buying another Pixma, the TR4527. It’s a nice Canon Pixma, but it doesn’t have a few little things.

The TR4527 features basic scanning and printing, copying and faxing, as well as automatic document loaders and automatic duplexing. Pixma can not, but sometimes I need abilities. The TR4527 was quickly integrated into the interface, achieving multi-document duplex printing, then scanning and copying. He has done all these tasks without any problems. The document loader does not process hundreds of pages at a time, but works very well on a few pages.

A feature that didn’t interest me but quickly understood the wireless capability. While my printers are traditionally connected via USB, this poses a problem with my laptops.


Canon Pixma TR4527 Drivers Download for Windows

Download << — Full Drivers and Software
Download << — MP Drivers


  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10


Canon Pixma TR4527 Drivers Download for Linux IJ Printer

Download << — ScanGear MP (rpm Packagearchive)
Download << — ScanGear MP (debian Packagearchive)
Download << — ScanGear MP (Source file)
Download << — IJ Printer Drivers (rpm Packagearchive)
Download << — IJ Printer Drivers (debian Packagearchive)
Download << — IJ Printer Drivers (Source file)


  • Debian
  • Ubuntu

Canon Pixma TR4527 Drivers Download for Android, Mobile, Tablets

Download << — IJ Start Canon Pixma TR4527 Setup Android- Mobile- Tablets Drivers


  • Android
  • Mobile
  • Tablets

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